Cloth Diaper and EC Babies
Fuzzibunz Perfect fit have converted me! Review of a first time cloth user. I have always used disposable diapers so FuzziBunz is the first reusable diaper I have any experience with. All I can say is I am in love and will never look back! I love the fit, leak protection, comfort and look of the diapers. I was leery of trying cloth just because it was unknown to me, I have four other kids and they have all been in disposable; although I did not like the performance or cost of using them, they were all I knew.
I bought his FuzziBunz diapers from a local merchant and so glad that I did. Now that FuzziBunz has proven how wonderful cloth can be I will never look back and even dad is on board.

I like that the legs are adjustable to get the protection needed for the messy times. My little one has reflux and wearing restrictive clothing aggravates his reflux so I like that I can leave the waist a little looser and still have the legs tight enough to protect his clothing from blow outs.  Even with the waist looser we have not had any leaks at all, I guess the fluff works wonders! Now I did say all I have used in the past has been disposables so I have to get used to the fact that cloth us bulkier than I am accustom. There is a trade off, a little extra bulk for better performance.

Leak protection
I am pleasantly surprised by the performance of FuzziBunz. I have always fought leaks with diapers and now no more! It was so frustrating to have wet clothing and a disposable diaper that was all but dry. We have been using our FuzziBunz for a week and have not had any leaks, amazing. We geared up for a night of trick-or-treat fun; I put his Fuzzibunz on, put him in his sling and off we went. I have to admit that I was a little nervous that we would be soaked at the end of our evening. I was so happy to see that we were completely dry even though the adventure lasted almost 4 hours without a pit stop. (I usually change my babies more often but we were not near the car and were having so much fun we did not want to leave.)

Sleeping in our FuzziBunz
This is my favorite part! I can't stand waking up with my little co-sleeper and we are both wet, which (although he is not a heavy night-time wetter) has happened way too many time with our disposables. I put Fuzzibunz to the test, double stuff that bad boy and off to bed we went.  I woke up to a smiling baby and a dry bed! Oh the joy of Fuzzibunz! I actually wash less laundry using FuzziBunz than using disposables.

Oh so easy to use
Easy to stuff the pocket diaper and you can double stuff for more protection.
Easy to wash and the diaper shell dries really quickly.
Easy to adjust to custom fit my little guy, no more squeezing the belly to get good fit on thin thighs.
Easy to clean the messy diapers, quick shake and spray and it was ready for the washer.
Easy dry mornings, and no leaks during the day.
Easy on the eye, nothing is cuter than a cloth diapers wearing baby in his diaper shirt!
In short I love this diaper, thank you Fuzzibunz!

This review was completed by Stacy V.  All opinions are her own!
4/19/2011 03:59:38 pm

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