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Monkey Doodlez Micro Doodlez Review - Small

How easy are they to use?:  Monkey Doodlez Micro Doodlez are All In One Diapers that don't require any stuffing, snapping or pinning.  They are super super easy to use!  The velcro on these diapers is sticky, and it is very easy to put on to your baby (even a wriggly baby), just like a disposable.  They are even Daddy Friendly!  My husband always reaches for the colourful Monkey Doodlez if he has to change our daughter!  (And it was one of the only diapers he did not put on her back to front! :)
A bonus with these diapers is that the velcro folds back in on itself for washing purposes, so you do not need to search in a dirty diaper for a laundry tab.  The only negative is the velcro on one of my Monkey Doodlez diapers would normally come apart in the wash, creating a few diaper chains.  (This is only a problem if you have other delicate diapers that would pill from the contact with the velcro)
How do they fit?:  I used the size Small Monkey Doodlez Micro Doodlez on my daughter from a few days after birth (as soon as her umbilical cord had fallen off), until she was about 3 months old.  My daughter weighed 6lbs 12oz at birth, so I would say they fit her well from about 7lbs - 12lbs.  The velcro is able to cross over at the front of the diaper, making the leg openings able to get very small.  They fit around my daughter's skinny legs like a glove, not letting anything out!  The velcro also is able to do up further apart on the diaper for bigger babies, or babies with chunky legs.  The diaper is very trim fitting, and cuts a nice look!  I never had any "bubble butt" or issues fitting my daughter into regular sized clothing!  In fact, most people could not tell that she was not dressed in a disposable diaper!
The only other thing I would mention, is that the rise on these diapers is very low compared to other companies, and depending on your baby, the size small would not fit your baby until 18lbs as the Monkey Doodlez directions state.
How well do they work?:  The non-pill micro-fleece inners on these diapers is super, super soft and absorbant!!  I could often not tell if the diapers were wet, as the outer layer of microfleece would wick the moisure away soo quickly from my daughters bottom, that the diaper felt dry to touch!  My daughter is an average wetter, and we never had any leaks or blowouts with these diapers.  (And we did have some poops in these diapers, that would have been everywhere with some other brands!)
Doodlez Doublers can be purchased seperately, to add additional absorbancy if you have a very heavy wetter! (And they are also made in the same colours as the diapers.)
How long will they last?:  The sized Monkey Doodlez Micro Doodlez are hard wearing, heavy duty, well made (In Canada) diapers, that will easily last you through at least 3+ children, and then you could probably on-sell your Monkey Doodlez for a 1/4 to 1/2 of the original value, as they would still be in such great condition.  The velcro doesn't wear, the bright colours don't fade, and the non-pill fabric makes for an excellent diaper!  I have 4 Monkey Doodlez Micro Doodlez in size small, that were used almost every day for 3 months, and they still look brand new!
Are they good value for money?:  At approximately $22 each, they may seem a little expensive for a sized diaper, when you can get other one sized diapers for not a lot more, but in fact, when you take into account that you will be able to use these diapers for more than 1 child, (Usually the wear and tear on a onesize diaper would prevent this) and also the fact that you do not need to buy extra inserts, covers, snappis or pins to use these diapers, they actually come out to a very resonable price.
The Monkey Doodlez sized All In Ones are extremely good value for money, well placed in the marketplace against competitors products, and much much cheaper than disposables!
Overall:  I LOVE my Monkey Doodlez!!  In the first 3 months, these diapers were amongst my favourites, and the only ones my husband would use!!!  I LOVE that they come in lots of bright colours, and that the inside of the diapers is also coloured!  I never had any clothes ruined by leaks and blowouts, because we never had any!  They are unlikey to ever have any noticeable stains, as the insides are coloured.  My Monkey Doodlez are still in fabulous condition, and I will be buying more to go with these ones when the next baby comes!

Posted by Chantelle S.  I was not compensated for this review in anyway, and all opinions are my own!
20 October 2010

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