Cloth Diaper and EC Babies

Thanks Cloth Diaper and EC Babies!

When I was asked to write this review I didn’t know what to say. but it just came to me as I wrote. Cloth Diaper and EC Babies is a completely awesome service and group to get in with. I am a young mother(21) and I wanted to use cloth diapers from the time my daughter was born, Because when I was pregnant I read about how many diapers are in the landfill  every year and all the chemicals and perfumes and dyes ect. are in disposable diapers, But their was one obstacle in my way! the cost 15-25 bucks a diaper at at least 10 diapers was just to much for our new family to afford. I was in Kijiji one day and saw an add  that Chantelle put up saying that they help  people with cloth diapers and  I sent her and email not knowing  if anything would come out of it.  A few days later there it was and email in my inbox  asking where  I lived and if I was  still interested in the service and I email  back a we arranged a meeting and a few days later Chantelle came to my door with my new diapers and showed me how to use them. I recommend this service to everyone as I have had nothing but a good experience with the service that was provided to me. Chanatelle's service is amazing! And she is amazing for taking time out of her life to help people with this. I want to take this time as well to say thank you.

This is a great service so if you have any hesitations about using it set them aside. Use the service!! It's not only a service but a great group to get in with.
Marie from Saskatoon. (November 2010)

My Epic Cloth Diaper Adventure:

When I first found out I was expecting I was in complete shock. Not that we weren’t going for the whole baby thing, but this was the very first time we tried! We expected to have a bit more time to get our ducks in a row so to speak.

When I found out that disposable diapers actually weren’t disposable at all, and hung around for hundreds of years, not to mention the chemicals in them have been blamed for everything from cancer to asthma and infertility, I decided I didn’t want to use disposables at all. I was in a bit of a bind though, since buying a “stash” was a bit of a stretch on our disposable income. I did some pregnant mom math and decided to try G diapers. I felt that they were comparable, and I would be able to keep up with the laundering of them. So hello kijiji, I found a gently used lot of covers and liners for a very reasonable price and stocked up on some refills.

First off, our babe was born much smaller than we were told she’d be, and our supposed “9lb+ big baby” was actually born 6lb11oz. Don’t you just love the accuracy of technology! So, my small G diapers didn’t fit, and here was our first stint with the disposables.

“It was just until she gained enough weight to fit the G’s”, was what my husband and I said.

Finally the day came, and we excitedly started using the G’s. When I realized how many she was going through in a day, and how much each diaper change actually was costing us, I set my sights on prefolds. Off to kijiji again I went, and about three boxes of disposable diapers later, I was set up for cloth diapering.

I loved it! It was fantastic, and neat. I had no stinky pail, I had no diaper rash, and I didn’t have to use yucky cream on her bum. I never had to look at the bank and think…hmmm. How can I get diapers this week? Which PS was a low point of my life. My husband was working his way up the ranks at his work and things were so tight for the first 6 months.

I decided to go home for a visit to my family in NB for a few weeks, and with good intentions, packed prefolds and covers and snappis. I used them for about two weeks, but with so much travelling to see family and friends with the baby, and the old washing machine that didn’t quite cut it, as well as a non-supportive family that thought I was nuts for cloth diapering, away I went with the disposables again.

After I got back, we decided to move. And so did my baby girl. Anyone who has ever tried to change a prefold diaper from behind while crawling across the floor with your infant knows what suffering really is. Never mind that my super supportive do whatever I choose for the baby husband wouldn’t touch a cloth diaper now because it was too hard to get on her. So I sporadically used cloth and more often used disposable.

Are you keeping track here? For someone who never intended to use disposable diapers, I sure was racking up a bit of a tally.

This is the point that Chantelle came in and helped me out. I knew I really wanted to cloth diaper. I kept asking my husband, “how can we do this, I hate the disposables”.

We went to visit them for the long weekend in September, and it just so happened that she had some Monkey Doodlez for me to take home and use, since she was de-stashing. A couple of weeks later she gave me a couple of snugs to try out. And then, just like magic, I had a stash. A wee one, but a stash none the less. She’s also helped me out by hooking me up with incredible deals and helping me to organize shipping. And gifted me couple of her favorites to add to my stash as well!

A couple of good kijiji deals later, and I’m almost ready to de-stash myself! I only hope that I have the ability to pay it forward, because the help she gave me changed me from a disposable junkie to a clean cloth mamma.
By Shelly from Calgary. (November 2010)