Cloth Diaper and EC Babies
Tetro One Size Fitted Diaper Review:
When Courtney Gieg from Snaps and Snails Natural Family Products contacted me about reviewing the Tetro Fitted Diaper, I was very excited and a little dubious all rolled into one!  I had never before used a Fitted Diaper or any diapers that needed covers, so needless to say, was a little worried.  I checked out the details of the Tetro Diaper online, and then picked the colour I wanted and let Courtney know.  (These diapers come in 6 great colours with exciting names like Dance Trance, Jazzy and Summertime!!)  I chose Lemon Tree and the cute little diaper arrived only days later (just before Christmas) and came with a free surprise Christmas gift!
Snaps and Snails is a family run online boutique that is based in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada.  Their goal is to provide you with eco-friendly products for the whole family that are stylish and functional!  As well as the Tetro Fitted Diaper, they also sell other products like Pocket Diapers, Prefolds, unique Wool Covers, Inserts, Doublers, Wetbags and even the Felizzy Mei Tei, Pouch and Premium Ring Sling Baby Carriers.  Courtney provides fabulous customer service, and it is nice to have that warm personal touch when you are purchasing online!!
Anyway, luckily for me (as I am sure many of you are already aware) the Tetro Fitted Diaper was super easy to use, and has quelled my fears of using diapers without covers!  Check out my thoughts below:
The Tetro Fitted Diaper is a One size Diaper with 8 layers of soft absorbent cotton flannel.  It features a unique tie design to help ensure a great fit every time on all babies from 5-30lbs and also has an innovative flap design, which pulls down for quick access for those who are potty training or using elimination communication.  It is handmade in Poland and certified EU Standard "Safe for Children" as well as OEKO-TEX Standard 100 (first class) certified.  It comes in 6 different cute colours, some of which are very unique for cloth diapers! It is not a waterproof diaper, so will need a cover unless you are using for potty training or elimination communication.

How easy is it to use?
This diaper took me a couple of tries to get the best fit for my baby, but as soon as I figured it out, it was actually very simple!
To adjust the rise on the diaper, you just need to pull the flap up around your baby, then fold down to the perfect size for you.  Once you have folded to the correct size, all you need to do is tie the unique tie closure shut.  Easier and quicker than tying a shoelace!

How well does it fit?
The Tetro Fitted Diaper fits my daughter like a glove!  I have been using this diaper now for well over a month now, in which time I swear my daughter has almost doubled in size!  The unique way to size and tie the diaper means that I get a perfect fit every time!  There is no way that your baby can be in between sizes or snaps with this diaper!  It is also truly one of the trimmest diapers I have ever seen.  In fact, when I use this diaper with one of my FLIP covers, it doesn't look like there is a diaper underneath at all!
How well does it work?
I use elimination communication part-time with my little girl, and so was personally able to use this diaper in two different ways.  When I had the time to take her to the potty every time she needed to go (which is an awful lot lol), I used the Tetro Fitted Diaper with no cover, and when I would not be able to pay close attention for a couple of hours, I would use this diaper with a FLIP cover.
The Tetro Fitted Diaper is perfect for Potty Training or those using Elimination Communication, as there is an innovative flap that can be pulled down for quick access without untying the diaper.  I found that when my daughter shows the signs that she needs to go, there is plenty of time to get her diaper off and sitting on the toilet before she will go, so I did not need to use the quick access feature very often.  However if my daughter was already walking, I think this feature would be a godsend!!!
Another reason this diaper is perfect for Potty Training and E.C is that if you have an accident, there is plenty of absorbency in this Fitted Diaper (Without a cover) to easily hold at least 1 Pee without making a mess in your living room!  (Diaper will get a little damp on the outside, and you will be able to see/feel this, so you will know when to change your child if you missed it!)
One thing to note though.  Cotton Flannel is not a stay-dry product.  Your child will feel the wetness when they go.  (A definite plus if you are potty training!)  However if you would like to use this diaper for longer periods of time, but want a stay-dry feel, you can easily place a fleece liner inside the diaper which will fix this issue!
This diaper can also be used overnight!  Add a Doubler, hemp or bamboo with the fleece liner to wick away wetness, and a wool cover, and you have an almost bulletproof breathable night-time solution!
How long will it last for?
The Tetro Fitted Diaper is an exceptional quality diaper that is handmade in Poland.  It is designed to be used and last forever!  The fact that it is made with 8 layers of cotton flannel will mean, this diaper is never going to loose its absorbency.  In fact if anything, this diaper will probably get more absorbent with age.  There are no snaps on this diaper, that could be faulty or break.  There is no velcro that is going to scratch your baby or create long diaper chains in the wash.  There is elastic in the legs and waist of this diaper, but the function of the elastic is different to other diapers.  You will never need to worry about the elastic on this diaper loosing its bounce over time and needing to be replace like many others.  The sewing and workmanship on this diaper is impeccable!!  And if you did need to strip your diapers, (eg To get rid of a yeast infection or such) because this diaper does not have any PUL or TPU on it, it is theoretically capable of being boiled.
Is it good value for money?
The Tetro Fitted Diaper is priced at C$19.95 and can be purchased from Snaps and Snails:  I think this is very comparable in the marketplace, and for such a unique quality product, it is a great price. 
There are so many unique features on this versatile diaper that you won't find anywhere else.  This is a diaper that is going to easily fit your baby from birth through potty training, never being between sizes.  You can use with a cover as a regular diaper, without a cover for Potty Training or Elimination Communication, or add a doubler/stay dry insert with a waterproof cover or wool for a night-time solution.  The Tetro Fitted Diaper is really a steal of a deal!  I have had a lot of fun using this diaper, and I don't know if it is the ties on this diaper, or just that she likes the feel of it, but when I let my daughter pick which diaper goes on her bottom, she always grabs at the Tetro! :)  This is a great diaper to round out your stash, and one that I am very happy to have added to mine! (It is here to stay!)