Cloth Diaper and EC Babies
Mother of a Sale is one of my favourite daily deal sites!!
There are always fabulous deals, which are deeply discounted, and usually a chance for you to win the daily deal by sharing on Facebook.!/MotherOfASale

Today's deal is a Scratch and Dent sale from Fuzzi Bunz Cloth Diapers!!
Brand New Fuzzi Bunz Diapers, that have just been mislabeled.  (Size Large instead of Medium/Large)
These diapers come to you today at the amazing price of only $9.99 each!! How crazy is that!!
Get in quick before these all disappear!! :)

If you are interested in reading a review about the Fuzzi Bunz One Size Diaper, check my review out here:

Mother of a Sale, also has a sister site called Mother of a Discount: where all the sales from that week that have not sold out are available for purchase!

Every purchase I have made with Mother of a Sale has arrived on my doorstep in days!!  I love that your purchase is held for a few minutes while you are going through check out, so you are unlikely to miss out like other deal sites!  I am super impressed with the personal customer service, quick shipping (which is usually flat rate) and great deals!!

Make sure you sign up for their e-mail alert, and they will email you an alert when a super sale comes up!!  Otherwise check every day (usually in the evening) to be in first for your chance to purchase!!

Great site - I highly recommend!! :)

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