Cloth Diaper and EC Babies
WOW - I hope you are as excited as I am!!  Mother of a Sale has just annouced that they are having a huge Cloth Diaper Sales Event and Giveaway coming up!

3 brands of cloth diaper yet to be disclosed - Brand new to Mother of a Sale (and maybe Canada??) are going on sale tomorrow, February 22, 2011.

As well as this exciting sale, they are also offering a prize of $250 worth of these new diaper lines for one of their lucky Facebook fans.  Here's details on how to enter:
WIN a $250 Cloth Diaper Start Up Set!!!!
MOAS is giving away 3 new lines of cloth diapers to one lucky MOAS fan worth $250.00 .......Way’s you can win:
*Share our facebook event on your wall to all your friends
*Blog about Mother Of A Diaper Sales event starting Feb 22nd
*Post on our FB page “MOAS I want to win the $250 cloth diaper set”
Facebook Page:!/MotherOfASale

And for any Bloggers out there.  If you post about Mother of a Sale's Cloth Diaper event, you may also receive a sample of the new line of cloth coming to Mother of a Sale for a review!
Email your post to (limited samples)

For those of you that are not already receiving updates from Mother of a Sale, I would get your cute little tush over there right away, to make sure you don't miss out!!!

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