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Little Tush One Size Diaper Review:
Crystal Shields is the wonderful lady behind the Little Tush Diaper Company!  Little Tush was born after the birth of Crystal's second son Nolan! 
After initially not really liking the idea of cloth diapers, she was completely on board after only one month, once she had tried them and found out how easy it really was!!!  She did find however (as I am sure many of us do) that she spent a lot of money, paying between $17-$27 per diaper she tried, and having to try so many different brands and types of diaper before she finally came across an option that worked great for her!
Crystal started Little Tush Diaper Company to provide an environmentally friendly and inexpensive way to cloth diaper so many more families were able to help save the environment and live a healthier lifestyle one cloth diaper at a time!
You can purchase your Little Tush Diapers at:
Little Tush Diaper Company's One Size Diaper is a Pocket Diaper made with heavy duty waterproof PUL material and a Stay dry Suede cloth inner.  This diaper has 3 rows of 3 snaps on the front of the diaper to change the size (like many other one size diapers on the market today!) and is designed to fit babies from 7-35lbs.  The diaper comes with 2 Microfiber Inserts, and is also currently available in 4 different colours.

How easy is it to use?
Little Tush's One Size Diaper is very simple to use!  There is only 2 snap closures on each tab to fasten the diaper to your baby, and the standard 3 snap rise is easy to set and forget about until you need to up the size!  The snaps on this diaper are high quality snaps and are not going to come unfastened in the wash. (Like I have experienced with some other more expensive brands!).  One thing I also noticed right away is that the inside of the PUL is not shiny, now this may not seem like much, but I often find when stuffing my other pocket diapers, that the inserts tend to stick to the shiny PUL.  It is a pain to get them to sit right and I often feel like I have to be careful in case I tear the fabric.  This is not going to be an issue with the Little Tush One Size Diaper. I do not think I could tear the fabric if I tried, (I did try) and the inserts are very, very easy to slide in and out!
How well does it fit?
This diaper is a great fit on my skinny daughter now at 8 months old (about 17lbs).  We were successfully able to use this diaper with no leaks on both the small and medium settings. (My daughter is actually probably currently in between settings!)  This diaper is designed to fit babies from 7-35lbs, however for young babies, I believe this diaper would work better on babies with chunky legs.  Because my daughter had such chicken stick legs when she was younger, I do not think there would have been a great fit on her.  In saying that I believe that most of those babies with skinny legs will need newborn diapers for at least a few months before they progress into the One Size Diapers. 
Now a common complaint I hear in the industry today is that people out there who have larger babies have trouble finding One Size diapers that will fit their babies into the toddler years....Little Tush is the Solution!!  The largest setting on this diaper is one of the best I have seen in a One Size Diaper!  For those that are familiar with it, it is a little larger than the Bum Genius 4.0. YAY Finally!!! :)  And it looks great too!

How well does it work?
With it's Stay Dry Suede cloth inner, and Super Absorbent Microfiber Inserts, the Little Tush One Size Diaper is quickly becoming one of my favourites for a Night Time Diapering Solution!  I can easily use this diaper with only one insert at night, but if you have a super heavy wetter, you could double up your absorbency by adding the extra insert!  I tend to like to save this diaper for nights, but also have no problems using this diaper during the day when my daughter to rolling and wriggling all over the place as well.  The diaper stays in place without any ugly red marks no problem at all!!
How long will it last?
The Little Tush Diaper seems to be very well made!  The PUL is heavy duty and the Snaps are high quality.  I must say that I put my diapers through the wringer when I do my reviews as I do not want to recommend any inferior products, and my Bright Blue Little Tush Diaper still looks Brand New!!! I am confident this diaper will easily last through to potty training and beyond for multiple children!  Little Tush is also so confident in the product that they are selling to you, that they offer a 45 day warranty in the event of Elastic or Snap Failure!
Is it good value for money?
Wait for it.....These diapers are a whopping CAD$9.00 each!!!!  Can you believe it? Only CAD$9.00 for a brand new, high quality, stay dry, snap closure diaper that does not need a cover.  This is not a special price.  This is the regular price!! WOW
Yes these diapers are incredible value for money.  And a very very affordable option for those maybe wanting to try cloth diapers, but are not wanting to spend a lot of money in case it does not work for them!  I mean when you try cloth diapers, you are not going to go back, especially if you start out with these ones.  If you did however decide you did not want to cloth diaper, how easy is it going to be to on sell these diapers on the gently used market!!!!???

Little Tush's One Size Diaper is an incredibly affordable cloth diapering option!  They work fabulously and come in some great colours (with more to be added in the not too distant future).  I find that they have a little more room than most of my other One Size Diapers, so will fit a lot longer!  (Great for big babies and older toddlers too!)
Also any orders you make from Little Tush are going to be packed and sent out within 1-2 days, so your Fluffy Mail will be sure to arrive quickly!  I definitely think this diaper is a great one to add to your stash, or to get a few of if you are starting out!
I was provided 1 Little Tush One Size Diaper Free of Charge for the purpose of this review, but was not compensated in any way.  All opinions are honest and my own!

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