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Felizzy Mei Tei Baby Carrier Review:

I was so excited to be one of the lucky ones chosen to review the Felizzy Mei Tei Baby Carrier from Snaps and Snails Natural Family Products, which is a family run online boutique based out of Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada.
As well as the Felizzy Baby Carriers, Snaps and Snails also sells Cloth Diapers, Covers, Wetbags and even Leg Warmers.  You can check out a review I did of their Tetro One Size Fitted Diaper here:
Once again the service from Snaps and Snails was fabulous and my brand new baby carrier arrived in days!  I was lucky enough to test this carrier out over the holiday period, while travelling.  Check out my experience with it below! :)
The Felizzy Mei Tei Baby Carrier is a Hand Made (Fair Trade) Product from the Men and Women Artisans in the Peruvian Mountains.  The front panel of this Mei Tei is made out of hand woven wool, and the inner panel, as well as the waist and straps are made out of super silky soft padded cotton.  Felizzy Mei Tei Carriers come in 5 wonderfully bright colours including Strawberry, Mango, Cinnamon, Blueberry and my personal favourite Blackberry!  The carriers come in only One Size, that will fit most people, so all you have to do is choose a colour!  Felizzy also makes Pouch Carriers and Premium Ring Slings that are all also available for sale at Snaps & Snails:

How easy is it to use?
Just follow these simple steps and you are done:
1)  Tie the shorter padded waist tie around your waist with a double knot and the front panel hanging down in front.
2)  Hold your baby close to your chest with his/her legs around your waist, then pull up the front panel around his/her back.
3)  Holding front panel and baby together, then cross each longer strap across your shoulders making sure ties are not twisted or folded.
4)  Grab the ties crossed across your back, and bring them up under your babys legs, and tie a double knot under his/her bottom.
5)  Ensure baby is well supported in the fabric, and you are the baby are comfortable, and you are off!!! 
As with trying any new carrier it will take a little while to find the best fit for you.  For me it took a few tries to get the carrier feeling perfect for me, but once I did, I found the Felizzy Mei Tei Carrier super easy to use in the chest to chest position, and my husband liked it too, although he wasn't confident enough to put the Mei Tei on by himself.  If it was up to him, he would choose a soft structured buckle carrier instead!  I have not yet tried this carrier in the back position, so can't comment on how easy that is, but the directions look pretty simple! (It is a carry I am going to try over the bed at home first though! :)
How comfortable is it?
 I must say the first few times I wore this carrier, I had the ties twisted and not sitting quite right, and it was not very comfortable to use at all, but once I had figured out what I was doing wrong, it was really a dream to wear!  When you get it right, your baby just becomes an extension of your own body, and it doesn't strain your back or shoulders at all! 

How well does it work?
Just after Christmas, my family and I headed to Calgary to spend New Years with friends before we headed down to visit family in Texas.  Unfortunately we all come down with colds, and were feeling terrible just before our flights down to Texas.  As well I think my daughter Rylee was going through some kind of separation anxiety, wanting to be held 24 hours a day!  Needless to say, it was a trying time!!  Luckily for us, we had just received the Felizzy Mei Tei Baby Carrier in the mail from Snaps & Snails!  I was able to easily march through airport after airport, with my little girl happily strapped to my chest.  Thankfully she was soo comfortable throughout the journey, that she slept most of the way!!  Even through 2 takeoffs and 1 landing.  NB: You are not allowed to have your baby strapped to you for take off and landing, so I would just leave her in the carrier holding her tightly against my chest so she would not wake up, then undo the front knot, which meant she was not attached to me if anything were to happen to the plane.  Once we had taken off, I would do the ties up again, leaving my hands free to have a drink and eat the nibbles provided.  I also used this Baby Carrier in restaurants all through Brownsville and South Padre Island, allowing us to go out for dinner after Rylee's bedtime and letting us all eat at the same time!  The Felizzy Mei Tei Baby Carrier is soo handy to have, and the great thing about it, especially when you are travelling, is that it folds down to be so tiny when you are not using it.  I also have a Beco Gemini Baby Carrier, which I absolutely love as well, but when you are not wearing it, it takes up about 3/4 of my backpack.  The Felizzy Mei Tei Carrier wraps up so small it can fit into my oversized purse!  I like to keep my Felizzy in the back pocket of the seats in the car, or in the bottom of my stroller, that way it is always at the ready, and I don't have to worry about every leaving home without a baby carrier!
What is the best age range for this carrier?
Mei Tei's are usually recommended for baby's around 4months old, right through to toddlers.  They are very versatile carriers, allowing a front, back and hip carry!  Most do not have enough support to offer safe carry for a newborn, although Felizzy does suggest if you are carrying a younger baby, to tie the knot behind baby's back instead of underneath the bottom to give baby more support.
Is it good value for money?
At CAD$75 for a Hand Made, Comfortable,  Fair Trade Quality Baby Carrier, it is one of the most competitive priced Mei Tei's I have seen.
You can feel good about buying Felizzy products too, as all money spent on these products is going directly back to the families and communities in which they were made!  The Felizzy Baby Carrier is absolutely great value for money!

I am very happy with my Felizzy Mei Tei Baby Carrier!  I love the fact that it folds up so small, and lives in my car or diaper bag without taking up a bunch of space.  I love that it is a Fair Trade product and that it is Handmade!  You can see the beautiful workmanship on this carrier, and can tell it was made with pride.  I think it is great that all the money from these carriers goes back to the communities in Peru where they were made, and most of all I LOVE the colour!!  My daughter loves being in this carrier and I feel good about recommending this product to anyone looking for a Mei Tei Baby Carrier.
I was not compensated for this review.  All opinions expressed are my own.
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