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Eco Nuts Organic Laundry Soap Review 
When Erica from Everything Mom and Baby Shop sent me some Charlie Banana Diapers to review from her store, she also sent me a trial package of Eco Nuts to wash them in.  I had not heard much about Eco Nuts before this point, and must confess that I had some incorrect pre-conceptions about the product!  Hopefully my experience and the following review will help clear some of the misconceptions you may have!
Everything Mom and Baby is an Online Store run by Erica Ashmore.  Erica is a stay at home Mom to a very active 2 year old.  She started blogging in January 2010 about her passion for toddlers and to share her latest favourite product finds.  Everything in Erica's store, she has personally tested, blogged about and LOVED!!  Apart from Eco Nuts Organic Laundry Soap, she also carries the Charlie Banana line, Glup Bebe Drool Bibs, Zoe Organics Skincare, soon to come Manduca Baby Carriers from Germany and more.  You can check out Erica's blog and her reviews at
You can also check out my review of the Charlie Banana One Size Diaper here:
What are Eco Nuts?
Eco Nuts are not actually nuts!  They are dried fruit shells that come from the Sapindus Mukorossi tree in Nepal, India and Indonesia.  These fruit shells contain Saponin, which is a natural cleaner.  The Saponin works as a surfactant. (making the water wetter) It's natural softening ability opens up the fibers in your diapers allowing them to actually become *more* absorbent.  Because the water is able to penetrate the fibers in your fabrics, it easily lifts stains and washes the dirt away!
Eco Nuts are Antimicrobial, Hypoallergenic, Biodegradable, Fragrance Free and are a completely sustainable product!  They are gentle enough to be used on baby clothes and strong enough to be used on Cloth Diapers.  They are ideal for people (and babies) with sensitive skin, eczema and allergies!

How Easy is it to use?
Eco Nuts are super easy and simple to use!  All you need to do, is put 4-5 Eco Nuts in the reusable wash bag provided, place into the washer with your laundry and wash as you normally do.  Remove bag at the end of the wash, and set aside to dry or re-use in another load.  You can re-use at least 5-7 times in hot water and up to 10 in cold water!
(And don't worry, you do not have to remove the bag of Eco-nuts for the rinse cycle!  Very little of the Saponin is release in the cooler water....just enough to make your clothes and diapers soft and fluffy!)
Eco Nuts can be used in any and all washing machines, front loaders, top loaders, HE Machines, Standard Machines, and even hand washing at any temperature!!  Eco Nuts are so multi-purpose, you will never need another cleaner, they can be used to wash anything from cars, RV's, equipment, jewellery, pets, people, dishes, clothing, diapers and more!!
How simple is that!!
How well does it work?
My personal experience with Eco Nuts Organic Laundry Soap has been extremely favourable!  Before Erica from Everything Mom and Baby Shop sent me a sample of Eco Nuts to try, I was getting a little frustrated that I was having to strip my diapers every few weeks or so as they were starting to develop a smell when my daughter peed in them.  After just one wash with the Eco Nuts I found that the smell had almost gone, and after a few more - no smell at all! (And I didn't even have to soak or strip my diapers to get this result!)
My diapers are all still incredibly absorbent, and come out of the wash each time, soft, fluffy and smelling fresh and clean!
Environmentally Friendly Eco Nuts are also beneficial for those with septic or grey water systems!
How long will it last?
Your little re-usable bag of Eco Nuts that you pop in the wash each time is good for 5-7 washes in hot water and up to 10 in cold water!  
Is it good value for money?
At about C$13.50 for a box of Eco Nuts that will last you for approximately 50 hot washes and 90 cold washes, it is fabulous value for money!!  I have already ordered myself two boxes, to continue using this product on all our washing!

I Love Eco Nuts!  I have had a great experience trying out their product, and after just a short time I am delighted I have already seen unexpectedly awesome results!  I can't wait for my order to arrive to see what the long term effects are on our clothing and diapers!
I also love how clean the product is!  Never again am I going to have to clean up the laundry after my husband has attempted to wash his clothes, spilling the liquid or powder detergent everywhere!  Never again will I need to use Fabric Softeners or Dryer Sheets to maintain the softness of our clothes, sheets and towels or keep the static away!! :)

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