Cloth Diaper and EC Babies
Mum’s Bum’s All-in-One Hemp Diaper:

Loved the idea of these diapers but when it came to actually using them I was less impressed than with others. The design looked great as it allows the attached layers to flop out for better cleaning and fast drying time, but they dried with quite a crusty feel to them, and seemed uncomfortable for the baby. The

Velcro aplix that goes across the front of the waistline sometimes turned in at the top when babe was wearing them, meaning that the hook and loops were on occasion rubbing on her belly and irritated the skin a little bit. The legs openings are elasticized but not really gusseted and we often had leakages with them. Just not our luck with this brand and style!

Review by Donna H.  She was not compensated for this review and all opinions are her own!