Cloth Diaper and EC Babies
This is a guest review from Shelly - Mother of Islah Claire (9months old), from Calgary Alberta

Hello Fellow Parents!

I’ve had the chance to use the Monkey Doodlez Bamboo Doodlez cloth diapers, and they are, without doubt, the best performing diaper on my baby.

She is a long lean baby, and I was having trouble finding cloth diapers that fit her. We had been using Pre-folds with covers, and snappis to close them, and they were working well, until she started moving. We abandoned cloth and used disposables for a while, thinking we weren’t cut out for them.

I had a friend give me some cloth diapers to try, among them being the Monkey Doodlez Bamboo Doodlez. They are super absorbent, and don’t seem to have the solids adhere to them as much as my flannel Pre-folds did. I have had a couple of other brands leak, not mentioning any names, but I have never had a leaky Monkey Doodlez. I like the simplicity of use, my husband doesn’t seem to need any instructions on how to use them, nor has he complained, and they wash like a dream. My daughter motors around at the speed of light, so I’m guessing they are super comfortable. They don’t shift either, which had been a problem with my Pre-folds and covers, even before she started taking over the world. I can vouch for their longevity, as my daughter is the third baby in them, and they look and feel new, and so does the Velcro. My daughter is a serious mover and shaker, and the extra size of the Velcro tabs makes them a bit more secure as well, in comparison the other AIO’s I’ve tried.

My only problem with the Monkey Doodlez is I don’t have enough!
(Picture coming soon)