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KaWaii Baby One Size Bamboo Minky Pocket Diaper Review:
I was very very lucky to be given a KaWaii Baby One Size Bamboo Minky Pocket Diaper for the purposes of a review by Sweet Lil Dimples Baby Shop in Martensville

Sweet Lil Dimples Baby Shop is an online store here in Saskatchewan, Canada run by Rhonda Rogers.  Rhonda is a mother of 4, and when she had her latest baby, she decided that she wanted to give cloth another try.  Sweet Lil Dimples Baby Shop was born, after she discovered that “real” information (apart from the information on the labels) on cloth diapers was hard to find!  She wanted to provide diapers for parents as well as information on the diapers (likes and dislikes) from someone who had actually used the products!!  Rhonda has personally used and stands behind every one of the products she sells.
The current selection in her store consists of products like Rumparooz, Bottombumpers, Envibum, Charlie Banana, Planetwise, Monkey Doodlez, Rockin’ Green, Earth Mama Angel, and coming soon KaWaii Baby!!  And all products are priced in Canadian Dollars!!

Having used some other Minky Diapers in the past, I was a little dubious about trying this product, however to my surprise I fell in love with my bright indigo (purple) diaper on the spot!!  The diaper had been prepped and was ready for use right away, but Rhonda from Sweet Lil Dimples had suggested that I wash it a few more times, to ensure the diaper had reached maximum absorbency!  However on the drive back to Saskatoon, we had a minor emergency, and I had to change Rylee in the back seat of the car.  Unfortunately my diaper bag was just out of reach, but fortunately there was this gleaming bright purple Kawaii Baby Bamboo diaper sitting on my passenger seat, that was well within reach and begging to be used!! I made an executive decision that I did not need to wash the diaper again before the first use, and I was right.  It worked absolutely fantastically!!
Please find following my experience with this diaper!

KaWaii Baby Bamboo Mink One Size Pocket Diaper Review:
Features:The Kawaii Bamboo Minky One size Pocket Diaper with Snaps is very durable and well made.  It is a one size Diaper that has three rows of snaps on the front of the diaper which controls the rise, and is supposed to fit from 8lbs - 36lbs.  It also has two rows of durable snaps to close the diaper on your little one.  The top row is the one that controls the waist size.  Two snaps on each side of the diaper.  (The second is to ensure there is NO "wing droop"), and the second row is a leg snap, so you are able to make the leg holes as small or big as you need.  The snaps are also able to be crossed over at the front to create a tiny fit!  I LOVE this feature!! The outer fabric is SUPER soft silky Minky fabric that you can't believe is going on your baby's bottom. (The Minky fabric is either lined with PUL or is laminated.  Anyhow it is completely waterproof, so no outer cover is needed.)  The interior of the diaper is lined with a Soft Natural Bamboo Fabric.  It has a pocket opening at the back of the diaper, and comes complete with two One size Bamboo Inserts.

How easy are they to use?
Now I may have made the diaper sound a little confusing above, but it is actually super easy to use!!  So easy in fact that my husband actually grabbed the diaper and put it on our daughter the other night!! (He normally steers clear of anything that sports snaps, but he decided it was worth it to figure out the snaps, so that she could wear the super soft minky fabric on her bottom!)  They both looked so proud and cute when they came out of the change room!!!
Once you have figured out the correct rise setting for your baby, you can leave it until your baby goes through a growth spurt, in which case you would just undo one snap setting, which creates a slightly larger diaper. 
This diaper is a pocket diaper.  There is a small stretchy opening at the back of the diaper, which you will need to slide your one or two inserts (depending on the absorbency you want) into.  When the diaper is wet or dirty, you will need to separate the insert from the diaper before you put in the wash.  (I do this with a cloth wipe before I put the dirty diaper into my diaper pail)
How do they fit?These One size Diapers are supposed to fit from 8-36lbs.  My daughter is currently 15lbs, and this diaper fits her like a glove!  She is on the smallest rise setting, the smallest leg snap and she has the waist snaps done up in the middle without being crossed over.  I have not seen this diaper on a smaller baby, but as the diaper is able to be crossed over in the middle, I do think it would fit a pretty small baby.  I think it could maybe fit a newborn after the umbilical cord has fallen off, but would be a little bulky.  The diaper also looks like it will fit all the way through Potty Training! (To give you an idea of size, I just compared the Kawaii Baby to a Bum Genius 3.0, and they are almost an identical cut)

I usually use this diaper with one insert during the day and it creates a very trim and dapa look!  At night time I use two inserts, and the diaper becomes rather bulky....but at night time who is looking??? :)  The elastic in the legs and the back of the diaper is covered by the Bamboo and Minky meaning, you will have a great fit, but you won't get any red marks on your little one's legs!
How well do they work?
The elastic around the legs ensures a fabulous fit!  It also creates a natural gusset in the diaper that means nothing in this sucker is going to get out!!  I found the Bamboo Inserts to be SUPER SUPER sucky!  They were able to hold a lot of liquid.  I tested extensively during the day and night.  I used one Insert during the day, and for much longer periods then I normally go without changing.  I never had any leaks!  The 2 Inserts just as easily held up to the night test!  They weighed a tonne in the morning!!! :-)
I love that this diaper has a natural fabric that goes against your baby's bottom!  With this diaper I had no red marks on my daughter's legs after wearing.  No rashes or redness after wearing on her bottom.  The only thing I will mention is...that Bamboo is not a "Stay Dry" fabric, so your baby will feel a little wetness.  This however could be a good thing, if you are planning on potty training early! 

How long will they last?
These diapers seem to be very durable.  I have put my Kawaii Baby Bamboo Minky Onesize Pocket Diaper through the ringer, and it still looks as fluffy and soft as the day I got it!  I think this diaper will easily last through more than one child!
Are they good value for money?
DEFINITELY!!!! The Kawaii Baby Bamboo Minky One size Pocket Diaper is Fantastic value for money!!  It is priced at the lower end of the market, however this is not a low end diaper!  Spend some money and buy some for your stash!  You will not regret it.  In fact, you will be coming back for more!  **If you go to Sweet Lil Dimples Baby Shop's Facebook Page, they currently have a special on pre-orders (before 27Nov10) of the KaWaii Diapers. C$10 each, and includes 2 inserts!!! Wow how can you beat that!**
I am so IN LOVE with my new bright purple Kawaii Baby Bamboo Minky One size Pocket Diaper!  I love that is sooo incredibly soft.  I like the Natural Bamboo fibres on my baby's bottom.  I like that it is able to fit my baby from about 1 or 2 months old until potty training, and is able to fit skinny and chunky babies alike!  I love that there is a Waist, Hip and Leg Snap, and that it is sooo adorably cute on my little girl!!! I will definitely be adding a few more to my stash, as this is now one of my favourite one size pocket diapers to reach for!!
I was not compensated for this review, however I was given this diaper Free of Charge for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are my own.
Review completed by Chantelle Scott.  Tested on Rylee (7months)