Cloth Diaper and EC Babies
With no snaps or velcro it seems odd at first to try to ‘put on’ these diapers but once a cover is being put in place overtop they stay put and do a great job of absorbtion without the concern of any fasteners poking or binding baby. So far the thicker pile of the fabric does a better job of containing thicker messes and they clean up easily. Can also fit into a number of wraps or covers, and stay surprisingly in place even in looser covers like woolies. The one-size option with a more generic shape means they wear more like a fitted for smaller babies and more like an insert for larger ones. We’ve only be using this for a couple of weeks for a friend who asked us to test it so I don’t have lots of experience to call on yet for results….
Review supplied by Donna H.  She was not comensated for this review and all opinions are her own!