Cloth Diaper and EC Babies
Pros: I love the super soft organic bamboo velour. I really like that a soaker
is sewn in. I have the size 1 diaper and the fit is pretty trim. Canadian
product! (Made in Calgary AB)
Cons: The extra insert that comes with the diaper is very thin, but seems to be
absorbent enough for my daughter (she is not a heavy wetter). Compared to other
pocket diapers, I found it more difficult to get the flimsy insert to lie flat
in the pocket. These diapers are less adjustable than my other diapers, with
only three settings of snaps. Right now the diaper fits her well, but we'll see
if we have any leaks when we are between settings. Personally, I don't love the
shiny surface of the diaper, but they are cute for something different in my
diaper collection. (The shiny surface of the diaper reminds me of the old
plastic diaper covers, but my husband thinks they look like tiny leather
pants:)) I am not a huge fan of the color selection (lighter pastel shades),
but that's just my personal preference.
Review completed by Gillian L.  She was not compensated for this review.  All opinions are her own!