Cloth Diaper and EC Babies
Pros: I love the super soft organic bamboo velour. I really like that a soaker
is sewn in. I have the size 1 diaper and the fit is pretty trim. Canadian
product! (Made in Calgary AB)
Cons: The extra insert that comes with the diaper is very thin, but seems to be
absorbent enough for my daughter (she is not a heavy wetter). Compared to other
pocket diapers, I found it more difficult to get the flimsy insert to lie flat
in the pocket. These diapers are less adjustable than my other diapers, with
only three settings of snaps. Right now the diaper fits her well, but we'll see
if we have any leaks when we are between settings. Personally, I don't love the
shiny surface of the diaper, but they are cute for something different in my
diaper collection. (The shiny surface of the diaper reminds me of the old
plastic diaper covers, but my husband thinks they look like tiny leather
pants:)) I am not a huge fan of the color selection (lighter pastel shades),
but that's just my personal preference.
Review completed by Gillian L.  She was not compensated for this review.  All opinions are her own!
Pros: Super trim fit! VERY absorbent. Organic. No stuffing and unstuffing.

Cons: It took me a couple of times to get the hang of doing these up. (The tabs
with the snaps do up underneath the front of the diaper panel rather than on
top as in most other diapers.) The tabs with the snaps are quite long, and my
daughter is petite so we are only on the first set of snaps. Only issue with
this is that the tabs overlap in front making the diaper a bit bulky just in
front of her tummy. Not as dad friendly since they do up differently than my
other diapers. The wetness is right against her skin, which is a bit sensitive,
so I do prefer diapers with a layer of microfleece which stays dry against her
skin. Since they are an AIO, they take a long time to dry. Still, I really do
like them : )
Review by Gillian L. She was not compensated for this review.  All
I've tried many cloth diapers (g-diapers, mother ease, bummis, fuzzi bunz, kushies). Some of these have been great, others not so much. A couple months ago I stumbled upon a diaper company online. It is called little tush, based out of Alberta. These diapers are a steal at $9 each and of all the diapers I've tried thus far, these have been my favourites. They can even entirely contain a giant poop while baby sits in a bumbo chair (something that disposables could never do in this house!). For just over $100 I got all the cloth diapers I need. I was thrilled with this and just thought it was something that might like to know!
Review from Darlene K
How easy is it to use?

The Babykicks 3g Pocket Diaper is super easy to use!  It is a side snapping diaper featuring two snaps on either side at the front, the bottom snap creates the best leg fit and the top snap ensures the waist is as snug as you need it.  In general I don't like side snapping diapers, because the are difficult to put on a wriggly baby, however somehow the design on this side snapping diaper is different from others in the marketplace, (The front of the diaper seems to be narrower towards the legs, and the leg gussets are made from fleece) making it very easy to use and form fitting.  This diaper features a pocket opening at the front of the diaper, which means when there is a nasty mess in the diaper, you won't get your hands dirty!  Also included with this diaper is a one size Joey-Bunz Insert, which is contoured to fit this diaper perfectly. You won't need a cover on this diaper either, as the outer shell of this diaper is made out of super soft breathable waterproof PUL fabric.

How does it fit?

This is the trimmest one-size diaper I have found so far!  In fact it is even trimmer and fits better than my previous all time favourite Bum Genius sized All In One's!  You will definitely be able to fit your jeans on with this cute number.  I have my daughter on the 2nd snap setting and she is one snap in on the waist setting.  This fit is perfect on my 16lb little girl, around the legs and waist and it looks super cute!!!  The legs have gussets that are made from Fleece which means that only the softest fabric is touching my little girls legs.  You won't get nasty red marks on your kiddies legs with this diaper!

How well does it work?

WOW, that is about all I can say!  I was really very surprised by this diaper.  I was originally worried about the fleece gussets on the legs leaking, but I couldn't have been more wrong.  The fleece leg gussets protect from leaks and blowouts, while still allowing airflow which lowers the chance of rashes occurring!  I used this diaper for day-time, nap-time and night-time and I have yet to have a leak!  The Joey-Bunz Insert is made out of 6 layers of natural hemp and organic cotton jersey and is only 1/8 of an inch thick.  This sucker is super absorbent and can hold a LOT of liquid, and the best thing about it is, because it is made from natural fibers it is not likely to have the stink issues that microfiber tends to!!  The only thing I will say is that the super soft liner of the diaper which is made out of Organic Cotton and Bamboo, is not a completely stay dry fabric, so it will feel wet against your little one's skin.

How long will it last?

This diaper is very well made, and seems to be very durable!  I am confident this diaper will last from birth to potty training any child, and will probably easily be able to be used by more than one child!  The only thing I will mention, is the liner in the diaper (against the baby's skin) which is made from Organic Cotton and Bamboo does tend till pill a little from washing and drying.  This does not affect the use of the diaper, or even the soft feel against your baby's bottom, it is purely a minor cosmetic issue.

Is it good value for money?

At US$18.50 I think it is excellent value for a one size diaper fitting 7-40lbs that is made with natural fibers and in the USA!  I LOVE my BabyKicks and will definitely be adding a few more to my stash!


The BabyKicks 3g Pocket Diaper is a Fantastic Diaper that is quickly becoming one of my favourites!  Breathable, Natural Fiber, One-size Diaper that comes in 4 great colours.  (Poppy, Meadow, Azure and White).  BabyKicks guarantees UNBEATABILITINESS!

The FuzziBunz One Size Pocket Diaper is one of the most adjustable and innovative and durable One-Size Cloth Diapers on the market today!  Instead of a 3 snap down rise, like most of the other products out there, the FuzziBunz One-Size Diapers are adjustable through elastic in the legs (the elastic has little holes at numbered intervals which wrap around a button to adjust the size of the legs and waist).  This means more than 8+ settings from birth to toddler, and 4+ waist settings.  FuzziBunz diapers only come with snap closures, and feature waist, leg and hip snaps on each side of the diaper.  Every diaper comes with extra elastic (which is easily replaceable, as it is not stitched in), 2 microfiber inserts, and they come in some fantastic colours, with one of the best warranties in the industry! 

How easy is it to use?

The FuzziBunz One-Size Diaper will take a little fiddling around to figure out the correct size for your little one, but once the size is set, you can forget about it until you need to change up a size as your baby grows.  (It is a good idea to keep the packaging handy, so you know which number to change the size to next).  The adjustable elastic system may sound a little confusing and complicated, but in fact it is a very simple system, and very very easy to use!  The only time, where it could be a little frustrating to use these diapers, is if you are using the same diapers for more than one child of different sizes at the same time.  FuzziBunz Diapers all come with snap closures instead of aplix, but they are very easy to affix as they are durable quality snaps that do not get sticky!

How well does it fit?

This diaper is an amazing fit on a large number of babies!  The adjustable elastic sizing, means that the diaper can get very small, and large depending on which setting you are on.  I started using this diaper on my little one, when she was about 1 month old and about 8-10lbs, but I think it would have fit her even smaller than that!  It actually fits much better and smaller than the FuzziBunz Perfect size small!  I am still using this diaper now at 7months old, and it still fits fantastically!  (I think I have only moved the elastic one button hole since I started using!)  And the great thing about this diaper, is that it is very trim, and does not look like a One-Size Diaper at all!

The three snaps on each side of the diaper ensure the legs are sized perfectly, there is no wing droop.  The only thing I will mention, is that because you can do up the snaps wherever you need to to create that perfect fit, sometimes it does look a little bubbly around the snaps.  I think it would be nice if the waist got a little smaller as well for tiny babies! 

How well does it work?

Perfectly!  In 6months of using this diaper, through different stages of poop, I have never had any leaks or blowouts!  This sucker keeps everything in!  The soft microfleece wicks away moisture quickly from your babies bottom, and the microfiber inserts ensure that moisture is sucked up quickly!  It is often very difficult to tell if the diaper is actually wet! 

Because this diaper is a pocket diaper, you can stuff it with as many inserts as you need for your situation.  I have never needed to use more than one insert, day, night or naptime!  The pocket opens at the back of the diaper, and does not have a flap over it.  It is designed this way, so you can give it a shake and the insert will fall into your diaper pail without having to touch it.  I found however that the wet insert would stick to the PUL on the back on the diaper, and would not come out for me that way.  I had no problems in using a cloth wipe to take the insert out, same as most of my other pocket diapers.

How long will it last?

FuzziBunz has been one of the leaders in the industry for over 10 years now.  You can be sure that their products are made to last!  They even stand behind their products so much, that they provide one of the longest warranties in the industry.  FuzziBunz Warranty covers snap defects for 1 year, Elastic / and or PUL (waterproof layer) for 1 year and Sewing / Workmanship defects for 1 year!  Each of these diapers also comes with a replacement elastic!

It will last you for the 3+ years that your child, or children are in diapers!

Is it good value for money?

Fuzzi Bunz One-Size diapers run about C$25 per diaper which is pretty standard for a One-Size Diaper, but the adjustability, durability and cuteness factor make this excellent value for money!

I have 4 FuzziBunz One-Size Diapers in my stash, and would recommend that everyone get at least a couple to add to theirs!


This diaper is one of the favourites in my stash, and one of the only One-Size Diapers I like to use during the day!!  It is not a bulky diaper, but does a fantastic job and it is very cute to boot!  I cannot recommend this diaper enough!!!! It is a 5 star diaper!

I was not compensated for this review in any way.  All opinions are my own
AMP Bamboo Inserts:

BEST inserts I’ve tried yet. Slim, super absorbent, stay sooo soft, and not bulky at all. They easily absorb more than my cotton inserts do and I think they might beat out my hemp products too. These easily allow the APM duo-pocket diapers to be used multiple times in a row like a cover and I can also fold these 3 times and just lay them into covers like the Thirsties Duo Wraps. I need to get more!
Review by Donna H. She was not compensated for this review.  All opinions are her own!
Thirsties Fab Fitted Diapers:

I love using these with the Thirsties Covers we have. The aplix/Velcro is wearing very well, easy to put on and off and the thick velvety feel of the cotton micro-fleece is sooooo soft. It’s like putting a little plushy on baby’s tush. I wouldn’t use them for nighttime as I think they are a little limited in how much they can hold for longer periods, but a great daytime diaper.
Review by Donna H.  She was not compensated for this review and all opinions are her own.

Disana Tie Diapers/Nappies

We couldn’t find these diapers in Canada at first so we brought them in from the US at the urging of some friends who share online organic shops. They are basically a long piece of fabric with ties at one end – the diaper is folded over to fit and any age, put on like a prefold, and then the ties are used to wrap around and secure the waistline. Takes a bit of practice but they are aAn old European style that I have grown to love. Seems almost too basic at first but has excellent absorbtion and nothing to put pressure points on babies body. Perfect with a wool cover pulled over, these could go all night without a change. On occasion I would just add a hemp or bamboo insert, but usually wasn’t needed. VERY soft material. I could see these lasting for well over a year size wise yet I’ve been able to use them from 2 months on. Because of the shape/bulk of them I’m not sure I’d use them a lot if I am out and about as a daytime diaper, but for nighttime’s they’re great.
Review by Donna H. She was not compensated for this review and all opinions are her own.

KaWaii Baby One Size Bamboo Minky Pocket Diaper Review:
I was very very lucky to be given a KaWaii Baby One Size Bamboo Minky Pocket Diaper for the purposes of a review by Sweet Lil Dimples Baby Shop in Martensville

Sweet Lil Dimples Baby Shop is an online store here in Saskatchewan, Canada run by Rhonda Rogers.  Rhonda is a mother of 4, and when she had her latest baby, she decided that she wanted to give cloth another try.  Sweet Lil Dimples Baby Shop was born, after she discovered that “real” information (apart from the information on the labels) on cloth diapers was hard to find!  She wanted to provide diapers for parents as well as information on the diapers (likes and dislikes) from someone who had actually used the products!!  Rhonda has personally used and stands behind every one of the products she sells.
The current selection in her store consists of products like Rumparooz, Bottombumpers, Envibum, Charlie Banana, Planetwise, Monkey Doodlez, Rockin’ Green, Earth Mama Angel, and coming soon KaWaii Baby!!  And all products are priced in Canadian Dollars!!

Having used some other Minky Diapers in the past, I was a little dubious about trying this product, however to my surprise I fell in love with my bright indigo (purple) diaper on the spot!!  The diaper had been prepped and was ready for use right away, but Rhonda from Sweet Lil Dimples had suggested that I wash it a few more times, to ensure the diaper had reached maximum absorbency!  However on the drive back to Saskatoon, we had a minor emergency, and I had to change Rylee in the back seat of the car.  Unfortunately my diaper bag was just out of reach, but fortunately there was this gleaming bright purple Kawaii Baby Bamboo diaper sitting on my passenger seat, that was well within reach and begging to be used!! I made an executive decision that I did not need to wash the diaper again before the first use, and I was right.  It worked absolutely fantastically!!
Please find following my experience with this diaper!

KaWaii Baby Bamboo Mink One Size Pocket Diaper Review:
Features:The Kawaii Bamboo Minky One size Pocket Diaper with Snaps is very durable and well made.  It is a one size Diaper that has three rows of snaps on the front of the diaper which controls the rise, and is supposed to fit from 8lbs - 36lbs.  It also has two rows of durable snaps to close the diaper on your little one.  The top row is the one that controls the waist size.  Two snaps on each side of the diaper.  (The second is to ensure there is NO "wing droop"), and the second row is a leg snap, so you are able to make the leg holes as small or big as you need.  The snaps are also able to be crossed over at the front to create a tiny fit!  I LOVE this feature!! The outer fabric is SUPER soft silky Minky fabric that you can't believe is going on your baby's bottom. (The Minky fabric is either lined with PUL or is laminated.  Anyhow it is completely waterproof, so no outer cover is needed.)  The interior of the diaper is lined with a Soft Natural Bamboo Fabric.  It has a pocket opening at the back of the diaper, and comes complete with two One size Bamboo Inserts.

How easy are they to use?
Now I may have made the diaper sound a little confusing above, but it is actually super easy to use!!  So easy in fact that my husband actually grabbed the diaper and put it on our daughter the other night!! (He normally steers clear of anything that sports snaps, but he decided it was worth it to figure out the snaps, so that she could wear the super soft minky fabric on her bottom!)  They both looked so proud and cute when they came out of the change room!!!
Once you have figured out the correct rise setting for your baby, you can leave it until your baby goes through a growth spurt, in which case you would just undo one snap setting, which creates a slightly larger diaper. 
This diaper is a pocket diaper.  There is a small stretchy opening at the back of the diaper, which you will need to slide your one or two inserts (depending on the absorbency you want) into.  When the diaper is wet or dirty, you will need to separate the insert from the diaper before you put in the wash.  (I do this with a cloth wipe before I put the dirty diaper into my diaper pail)
How do they fit?These One size Diapers are supposed to fit from 8-36lbs.  My daughter is currently 15lbs, and this diaper fits her like a glove!  She is on the smallest rise setting, the smallest leg snap and she has the waist snaps done up in the middle without being crossed over.  I have not seen this diaper on a smaller baby, but as the diaper is able to be crossed over in the middle, I do think it would fit a pretty small baby.  I think it could maybe fit a newborn after the umbilical cord has fallen off, but would be a little bulky.  The diaper also looks like it will fit all the way through Potty Training! (To give you an idea of size, I just compared the Kawaii Baby to a Bum Genius 3.0, and they are almost an identical cut)

I usually use this diaper with one insert during the day and it creates a very trim and dapa look!  At night time I use two inserts, and the diaper becomes rather bulky....but at night time who is looking??? :)  The elastic in the legs and the back of the diaper is covered by the Bamboo and Minky meaning, you will have a great fit, but you won't get any red marks on your little one's legs!
How well do they work?
The elastic around the legs ensures a fabulous fit!  It also creates a natural gusset in the diaper that means nothing in this sucker is going to get out!!  I found the Bamboo Inserts to be SUPER SUPER sucky!  They were able to hold a lot of liquid.  I tested extensively during the day and night.  I used one Insert during the day, and for much longer periods then I normally go without changing.  I never had any leaks!  The 2 Inserts just as easily held up to the night test!  They weighed a tonne in the morning!!! :-)
I love that this diaper has a natural fabric that goes against your baby's bottom!  With this diaper I had no red marks on my daughter's legs after wearing.  No rashes or redness after wearing on her bottom.  The only thing I will mention is...that Bamboo is not a "Stay Dry" fabric, so your baby will feel a little wetness.  This however could be a good thing, if you are planning on potty training early! 

How long will they last?
These diapers seem to be very durable.  I have put my Kawaii Baby Bamboo Minky Onesize Pocket Diaper through the ringer, and it still looks as fluffy and soft as the day I got it!  I think this diaper will easily last through more than one child!
Are they good value for money?
DEFINITELY!!!! The Kawaii Baby Bamboo Minky One size Pocket Diaper is Fantastic value for money!!  It is priced at the lower end of the market, however this is not a low end diaper!  Spend some money and buy some for your stash!  You will not regret it.  In fact, you will be coming back for more!  **If you go to Sweet Lil Dimples Baby Shop's Facebook Page, they currently have a special on pre-orders (before 27Nov10) of the KaWaii Diapers. C$10 each, and includes 2 inserts!!! Wow how can you beat that!**
I am so IN LOVE with my new bright purple Kawaii Baby Bamboo Minky One size Pocket Diaper!  I love that is sooo incredibly soft.  I like the Natural Bamboo fibres on my baby's bottom.  I like that it is able to fit my baby from about 1 or 2 months old until potty training, and is able to fit skinny and chunky babies alike!  I love that there is a Waist, Hip and Leg Snap, and that it is sooo adorably cute on my little girl!!! I will definitely be adding a few more to my stash, as this is now one of my favourite one size pocket diapers to reach for!!
I was not compensated for this review, however I was given this diaper Free of Charge for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are my own.
Review completed by Chantelle Scott.  Tested on Rylee (7months)

Thirsties Duo Covers:

Gorgeous little stripes, floral and bird prints in these covers from Thirsties. We brought these in from a friend in Edmonton when we couldn’t find them around Saskatoon – fabulous covers that work with almost any inserts including preemie sized organic prefolds. They have 2 layers of snaps that shorten the rise to 3 different possibilities, in addition to the snaps that widen the waist and they come in 2 sizes which will get you from birth to potty training. Come in 2 sizes and the first one has fit for 3 months on the first snap rise so we’ll get lots more use out of this size. The leg gussets are great, double gussets that keep messes in and fit snugly no matter where the waistline snaps are placed. These are great for using a number of times with varying inserts or fitted dipes. In between machine washes, I just wipe them with a clean rag each time and they dry in a few minutes by hang drying (Or can also go into dryer).

Review by Donna H. She was not compensated for this review.  All opinions are her own!