Cloth Diaper and EC Babies
These diapers have lots of great features: easy snaps with multiple settings, elastic gathering at both the front and the back waistline to keep in messes, and fitted elastic at both leg openings. The microfleece inside is great at wicking, and the pocket itself has the opening at the front, rather than the back, of the diaper which is much easier with poops! J - My favourite aspect of them is their ability to work as both a cover or a pocket diaper. The deep gusset allows you to fold any number of inserts on to the top of the microfleece and then stretch the edges around the ‘hold’ it in place. This allows the diaper to be used over and over again as a cover, only changing the inserts if they aren’t soaked through. Or, I can stuff the inserts right inside the pocket and use them like an all-in-one. I have found them to be versatile and easy to clean. The only down side I’ve had on one occasion was I found that when they were quite full of moisture, the microfleece at the back actually wicked so well that it leaked pee on to the back of my girls’ pants (the microfiber sticks above the elastic, and wicked the moisture right out the edge of the diaper). Great daytime diapers, I have only used them overnight a few times as I have other options. The size small (there are 2 sizes) has been used by my smaller daughter from week 4 to over 3 months and we’re still going (7 – 12lbs so far).
This review was completed by Donna H.  She was not compensated for this review and all opinions are her own!