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Little Tush One Size Diaper Review:
Crystal Shields is the wonderful lady behind the Little Tush Diaper Company!  Little Tush was born after the birth of Crystal's second son Nolan! 
After initially not really liking the idea of cloth diapers, she was completely on board after only one month, once she had tried them and found out how easy it really was!!!  She did find however (as I am sure many of us do) that she spent a lot of money, paying between $17-$27 per diaper she tried, and having to try so many different brands and types of diaper before she finally came across an option that worked great for her!
Crystal started Little Tush Diaper Company to provide an environmentally friendly and inexpensive way to cloth diaper so many more families were able to help save the environment and live a healthier lifestyle one cloth diaper at a time!
You can purchase your Little Tush Diapers at:
Little Tush Diaper Company's One Size Diaper is a Pocket Diaper made with heavy duty waterproof PUL material and a Stay dry Suede cloth inner.  This diaper has 3 rows of 3 snaps on the front of the diaper to change the size (like many other one size diapers on the market today!) and is designed to fit babies from 7-35lbs.  The diaper comes with 2 Microfiber Inserts, and is also currently available in 4 different colours.

How easy is it to use?
Little Tush's One Size Diaper is very simple to use!  There is only 2 snap closures on each tab to fasten the diaper to your baby, and the standard 3 snap rise is easy to set and forget about until you need to up the size!  The snaps on this diaper are high quality snaps and are not going to come unfastened in the wash. (Like I have experienced with some other more expensive brands!).  One thing I also noticed right away is that the inside of the PUL is not shiny, now this may not seem like much, but I often find when stuffing my other pocket diapers, that the inserts tend to stick to the shiny PUL.  It is a pain to get them to sit right and I often feel like I have to be careful in case I tear the fabric.  This is not going to be an issue with the Little Tush One Size Diaper. I do not think I could tear the fabric if I tried, (I did try) and the inserts are very, very easy to slide in and out!
How well does it fit?
This diaper is a great fit on my skinny daughter now at 8 months old (about 17lbs).  We were successfully able to use this diaper with no leaks on both the small and medium settings. (My daughter is actually probably currently in between settings!)  This diaper is designed to fit babies from 7-35lbs, however for young babies, I believe this diaper would work better on babies with chunky legs.  Because my daughter had such chicken stick legs when she was younger, I do not think there would have been a great fit on her.  In saying that I believe that most of those babies with skinny legs will need newborn diapers for at least a few months before they progress into the One Size Diapers. 
Now a common complaint I hear in the industry today is that people out there who have larger babies have trouble finding One Size diapers that will fit their babies into the toddler years....Little Tush is the Solution!!  The largest setting on this diaper is one of the best I have seen in a One Size Diaper!  For those that are familiar with it, it is a little larger than the Bum Genius 4.0. YAY Finally!!! :)  And it looks great too!

How well does it work?
With it's Stay Dry Suede cloth inner, and Super Absorbent Microfiber Inserts, the Little Tush One Size Diaper is quickly becoming one of my favourites for a Night Time Diapering Solution!  I can easily use this diaper with only one insert at night, but if you have a super heavy wetter, you could double up your absorbency by adding the extra insert!  I tend to like to save this diaper for nights, but also have no problems using this diaper during the day when my daughter to rolling and wriggling all over the place as well.  The diaper stays in place without any ugly red marks no problem at all!!
How long will it last?
The Little Tush Diaper seems to be very well made!  The PUL is heavy duty and the Snaps are high quality.  I must say that I put my diapers through the wringer when I do my reviews as I do not want to recommend any inferior products, and my Bright Blue Little Tush Diaper still looks Brand New!!! I am confident this diaper will easily last through to potty training and beyond for multiple children!  Little Tush is also so confident in the product that they are selling to you, that they offer a 45 day warranty in the event of Elastic or Snap Failure!
Is it good value for money?
Wait for it.....These diapers are a whopping CAD$9.00 each!!!!  Can you believe it? Only CAD$9.00 for a brand new, high quality, stay dry, snap closure diaper that does not need a cover.  This is not a special price.  This is the regular price!! WOW
Yes these diapers are incredible value for money.  And a very very affordable option for those maybe wanting to try cloth diapers, but are not wanting to spend a lot of money in case it does not work for them!  I mean when you try cloth diapers, you are not going to go back, especially if you start out with these ones.  If you did however decide you did not want to cloth diaper, how easy is it going to be to on sell these diapers on the gently used market!!!!???

Little Tush's One Size Diaper is an incredibly affordable cloth diapering option!  They work fabulously and come in some great colours (with more to be added in the not too distant future).  I find that they have a little more room than most of my other One Size Diapers, so will fit a lot longer!  (Great for big babies and older toddlers too!)
Also any orders you make from Little Tush are going to be packed and sent out within 1-2 days, so your Fluffy Mail will be sure to arrive quickly!  I definitely think this diaper is a great one to add to your stash, or to get a few of if you are starting out!
I was provided 1 Little Tush One Size Diaper Free of Charge for the purpose of this review, but was not compensated in any way.  All opinions are honest and my own!

Eco Nuts Organic Laundry Soap Review 
When Erica from Everything Mom and Baby Shop sent me some Charlie Banana Diapers to review from her store, she also sent me a trial package of Eco Nuts to wash them in.  I had not heard much about Eco Nuts before this point, and must confess that I had some incorrect pre-conceptions about the product!  Hopefully my experience and the following review will help clear some of the misconceptions you may have!
Everything Mom and Baby is an Online Store run by Erica Ashmore.  Erica is a stay at home Mom to a very active 2 year old.  She started blogging in January 2010 about her passion for toddlers and to share her latest favourite product finds.  Everything in Erica's store, she has personally tested, blogged about and LOVED!!  Apart from Eco Nuts Organic Laundry Soap, she also carries the Charlie Banana line, Glup Bebe Drool Bibs, Zoe Organics Skincare, soon to come Manduca Baby Carriers from Germany and more.  You can check out Erica's blog and her reviews at
You can also check out my review of the Charlie Banana One Size Diaper here:
What are Eco Nuts?
Eco Nuts are not actually nuts!  They are dried fruit shells that come from the Sapindus Mukorossi tree in Nepal, India and Indonesia.  These fruit shells contain Saponin, which is a natural cleaner.  The Saponin works as a surfactant. (making the water wetter) It's natural softening ability opens up the fibers in your diapers allowing them to actually become *more* absorbent.  Because the water is able to penetrate the fibers in your fabrics, it easily lifts stains and washes the dirt away!
Eco Nuts are Antimicrobial, Hypoallergenic, Biodegradable, Fragrance Free and are a completely sustainable product!  They are gentle enough to be used on baby clothes and strong enough to be used on Cloth Diapers.  They are ideal for people (and babies) with sensitive skin, eczema and allergies!

How Easy is it to use?
Eco Nuts are super easy and simple to use!  All you need to do, is put 4-5 Eco Nuts in the reusable wash bag provided, place into the washer with your laundry and wash as you normally do.  Remove bag at the end of the wash, and set aside to dry or re-use in another load.  You can re-use at least 5-7 times in hot water and up to 10 in cold water!
(And don't worry, you do not have to remove the bag of Eco-nuts for the rinse cycle!  Very little of the Saponin is release in the cooler water....just enough to make your clothes and diapers soft and fluffy!)
Eco Nuts can be used in any and all washing machines, front loaders, top loaders, HE Machines, Standard Machines, and even hand washing at any temperature!!  Eco Nuts are so multi-purpose, you will never need another cleaner, they can be used to wash anything from cars, RV's, equipment, jewellery, pets, people, dishes, clothing, diapers and more!!
How simple is that!!
How well does it work?
My personal experience with Eco Nuts Organic Laundry Soap has been extremely favourable!  Before Erica from Everything Mom and Baby Shop sent me a sample of Eco Nuts to try, I was getting a little frustrated that I was having to strip my diapers every few weeks or so as they were starting to develop a smell when my daughter peed in them.  After just one wash with the Eco Nuts I found that the smell had almost gone, and after a few more - no smell at all! (And I didn't even have to soak or strip my diapers to get this result!)
My diapers are all still incredibly absorbent, and come out of the wash each time, soft, fluffy and smelling fresh and clean!
Environmentally Friendly Eco Nuts are also beneficial for those with septic or grey water systems!
How long will it last?
Your little re-usable bag of Eco Nuts that you pop in the wash each time is good for 5-7 washes in hot water and up to 10 in cold water!  
Is it good value for money?
At about C$13.50 for a box of Eco Nuts that will last you for approximately 50 hot washes and 90 cold washes, it is fabulous value for money!!  I have already ordered myself two boxes, to continue using this product on all our washing!

I Love Eco Nuts!  I have had a great experience trying out their product, and after just a short time I am delighted I have already seen unexpectedly awesome results!  I can't wait for my order to arrive to see what the long term effects are on our clothing and diapers!
I also love how clean the product is!  Never again am I going to have to clean up the laundry after my husband has attempted to wash his clothes, spilling the liquid or powder detergent everywhere!  Never again will I need to use Fabric Softeners or Dryer Sheets to maintain the softness of our clothes, sheets and towels or keep the static away!! :)

Charlie Banana One Size Pocket Diaper Review:
When Erica from Everything Mom and Baby Shop contacted me about reviewing the Charlie Banana One Size diaper for her, I was super excited as I had heard some great things about this diaper, and I was not disappointed!!
Everything Mom and Baby is an Online Store run by Erica Ashmore.  Erica is a stay at home Mom to a very active 2 year old.  She started blogging in January 2010 about her passion for toddlers and to share her latest favourite product finds.  Everything in Erica's store, she has personally tested, blogged about and LOVED!!  Apart from the Charlie Banana line, she also carries Eco Nuts Organic Laundry Soap, Glup Bebe Drool Bibs, Zoe Organics Skincare, soon to come Manduca Baby Carriers from Germany and more.  You can check out Erica's blog and her reviews at
Erica also sent me a sample of Eco Nuts Organic Laundry Soap to try at the same time as the Charlie Banana Diapers.  I was so impressed with Eco Nuts, that I have already ordered two bags to start using!!  See my review of Eco Nuts Organic Laundry Soap here:
The Charlie Banana is a One Size Cloth Diaper that offers a lot of flexibility and options!  
* It is a One Size Diaper, but unlike most on the market today, it is not adjusted by snaps on the front.  This diaper has an elastic leg adjustment similar to the Fuzzi Bunz, Softbums, Lollidoo and Rocky Mountain One Size Diapers.  There are 8 slots in the leg elastic, with an opening and button at the front of the diaper allowing you to create a perfect fit around your baby's legs!  The sizing on this diaper fits 0-36 months.
* It is a Pocket Diaper, with the opening of the pocket being at the front of the diaper, which allows for easier/cleaner extraction of the insert when you have a messy diaper!  The pocket opening is also an interesting design!!  The opening is actually an overlapping flap, which leads into our next feature....
* This is also a Hybrid Diaper!  The overlapping pocket flap design allows you to easily tuck a disposable insert under the front panel, securing it in place and now you have have a Hybrid Diaper, great if you are travelling and giving you the best of both worlds!
* You don't have to worry about diaper chains in the dryer with these diapers!  The Charlie Banana has high quality snap closures, featuring a leg and hip snap as well as a cross over waist snap for the extra skinny little one's!  I was really excited by this feature, as my daughter Rylee was born at 6lbs 12oz, with a tall skinny frame, and I had a lot of trouble finding diapers that would actually fit around her legs and waist neatly. (And this extra snap also allows you to wrap up diaper securely once used!)
* Other features include Stay-Dry Micro fleece inner, Wide Back Elastic allowing greater comfort and a slimmer fit, Wide comfortable Elastic Leg Casing that helps contain all messes!
* It comes with 2 Microfiber Inserts, (One One Size and a Smaller Insert) and you can also buy disposable inserts to go with it as well.
* Lots of great bright colours and prints! Boy prints too! :)

How easy is it to use?
The Charlie Banana One Size Diaper is very easy to use.  Once the slotted elastic has been set to the size you need, you can just forget about it, and use the diaper like a sized diaper until you need to go up a size!  (If you have more than one in different sized diapers, you will have to fiddle with the elastic each time to set the correct size, OR you could just use different colour diapers for each baby!)
As I mentioned above, the Charlie Banana One Size Diaper comes with high quality snaps.  Snaps on a diaper usually mean that Daddy stays well away, but Daddy seemed to be able to use this diaper no problem at all, and Daddy Approved diapers are always welcome in this household!! (Although, I am sure he has no idea that the diaper is adjusted by elastic, he just puts it on! lol)  There are a total of 6 snaps to fit, but these are not sticky snaps, they are very easy to click in and out.

How well does it fit?
The Charlie Banana One Size Diaper is one of the best fitting diapers in our house!  The adjustable elastic and the hip, waist and crossover snaps ensures that this diaper will fit both very skinny babies, very chunky babies and everything in between.  I had trouble finding diapers to fit my little girl when she was born as she was soo skinny!  She didn't actually fit any of the One Size Diapers in our stash at the time well until she was about 6 months old.  I truly believe that this diaper would have fit Rylee in the first week (after her umbilical cord fell off).  To illustrate my point, I have taken a photo of the Charlie Banana on the smallest setting between the Lil Joey on the smallest setting (to the left) and the Bum Genius XS AIO (to the right).  As you can see the Charlie Banana One Size Diaper can get very tiny!  On the other end of the scale, when I compare the Charlie Banana One Size to a Bum Genius 4.0 or Rumparooz One Size Diaper, the Charlie Banana does not quite stretch to be as large as those diapers so may not fit for quite as long.  However in saying that, I know that the Charlie Banana will easily last until my little girl is out of diapers!!! :)  This diaper is also very, very trim and looks fantastically cute!

How well does it work?
Incredible!  The inserts in this diaper sure can suck up a lot of moisture.  It is always hard to tell exactly how much pee diapers can hold, so I decided to test this insert, and it came out with flying colours!  The One Size Charlie Banana Insert in my test showed it could easily hold 500mls of water. (That is 2 cups or 17ish ounces!!)
And the SUPER soft silky smooth stay-dry micro fleece inner of the diaper is going to pull that moisture away from your baby's bottom very quickly leaving your baby feeling dry!  In fact it works so well, that I had trouble telling if my daughter had actually peed in her diaper overnight until I pulled out the dripping insert! :)
The wide leg casings, and back elastic are going to ensure that you have no leaks or any of those gross blowouts up the back with this diaper and I can attest to that!! 
How long will it last for?
The Charlie Banana One Size diaper is a very well made diaper, that will easily diaper your child from birth through to potty training and the quality and durability of the diaper ensure you can use this diaper through multiple children!

Is it good value for money?
The Charlie Banana One Size Diaper is a very affordable high quality diaper at only C$22 for a solid colour or C$24 for one of the cute prints.  You will of course need to add more than one to your stash, as they are such great diapers, and at Everything Mom and Baby you can buy a 6 pack of Charlie Banana diapers for only C$116.50.  This means you are paying under C$19.50 per diaper!!  (Basically that means you are getting 1 free - and you know we ALL like Free Diapers!)
This pricing is very comparable to most of the major players on the market, and in my opinion sooo worth it, especially as you probably won't need to buy newborn diapers or wait for your baby to fit into this One Size diaper!!!
We love our Charlie Banana One Size Diapers!  I love how versatile they are, offering different options for different needs!  They are super absorbent, no additional cover is required, they come in great colours and look super cute!! If we could do things over again, there would definitely be quite a few Charlie Banana's in my stash.  In fact I may look in to getting a few more for baby number 2!  I highly recommend the Charlie Banana One Size Diaper and I can't wait to take it travelling with us and test out those disposable inserts on my very long flight to New Zealand in March!!! :)

I received 2 One Size Charlie Banana Diapers Free of Charge from Everything Mom and Baby Shop for the purpose of this review, but was not compensated in any way.  All opinions are my own.
Pros: I love the super soft organic bamboo velour. I really like that a soaker
is sewn in. I have the size 1 diaper and the fit is pretty trim. Canadian
product! (Made in Calgary AB)
Cons: The extra insert that comes with the diaper is very thin, but seems to be
absorbent enough for my daughter (she is not a heavy wetter). Compared to other
pocket diapers, I found it more difficult to get the flimsy insert to lie flat
in the pocket. These diapers are less adjustable than my other diapers, with
only three settings of snaps. Right now the diaper fits her well, but we'll see
if we have any leaks when we are between settings. Personally, I don't love the
shiny surface of the diaper, but they are cute for something different in my
diaper collection. (The shiny surface of the diaper reminds me of the old
plastic diaper covers, but my husband thinks they look like tiny leather
pants:)) I am not a huge fan of the color selection (lighter pastel shades),
but that's just my personal preference.
Review completed by Gillian L.  She was not compensated for this review.  All opinions are her own!
Pros: Great fit for my petite girl. Easy for Dad to use. Easy to stuff/unstuff.
Very absorbent insert. They don't take long to dry. Good selection of colors :
) These diapers often come up on half off sites, so you can pick up quite a few
for a great price! These are one of my favorites which I would recommend to
anyone starting CDing.

Cons: A bit bulkier than some of my other diapers (because of the thick insert,
which is absorbent and does make them easy to stuff and the insert lies nice
and flat). Still - a really nice fit.
Review completed by Gillian L.  She was not compensated for this review.  All opinions are her own!
Pros: Super trim fit! VERY absorbent. Organic. No stuffing and unstuffing.

Cons: It took me a couple of times to get the hang of doing these up. (The tabs
with the snaps do up underneath the front of the diaper panel rather than on
top as in most other diapers.) The tabs with the snaps are quite long, and my
daughter is petite so we are only on the first set of snaps. Only issue with
this is that the tabs overlap in front making the diaper a bit bulky just in
front of her tummy. Not as dad friendly since they do up differently than my
other diapers. The wetness is right against her skin, which is a bit sensitive,
so I do prefer diapers with a layer of microfleece which stays dry against her
skin. Since they are an AIO, they take a long time to dry. Still, I really do
like them : )
Review by Gillian L. She was not compensated for this review.  All
I've tried many cloth diapers (g-diapers, mother ease, bummis, fuzzi bunz, kushies). Some of these have been great, others not so much. A couple months ago I stumbled upon a diaper company online. It is called little tush, based out of Alberta. These diapers are a steal at $9 each and of all the diapers I've tried thus far, these have been my favourites. They can even entirely contain a giant poop while baby sits in a bumbo chair (something that disposables could never do in this house!). For just over $100 I got all the cloth diapers I need. I was thrilled with this and just thought it was something that might like to know!
Review from Darlene K