Cloth Diaper and EC Babies
How easy are they to use?
The Applecheeks Swim Diapers are relatively easy to use!  They do have snaps, so naturally scare my husband a little.  The snaps however, ensure a great fit on a number of different size babies!  All you need to do, is attach the bottom snap snugly around the leg, and then follow with the top snap to fit perfectly around the waist.  I personally think that they make a great baby shower gift - even for families that do not cloth diaper as they are sooo easy to use!!!
How do they fit?
The Applecheeks Size 1 Swim Diaper is designed to fit babies from 7lbs - 20lbs, and it was the ONLY swim diaper I found that fit my skinny legged little girl early on!  I finally found this diaper when my daughter was 6weeks old and about 8lbs.  She was still not fitting in any of the other swim diapers I had purchased, but she fit into the Applecheeks Swim Diaper right away no problem at all. (And she was not on the smallest snap setting!)  She is now 6 months old and 15lbs, and we are still using this diaper!  (And not on the largest snap setting) It is our favourite Swim Diaper by a long shot!
How well do they work?
The unique design of the material allows the water to move through this diaper and yet keep in all solids.  This also means that when you get out of the water, the water does not weigh down the diaper.  It dry's very fast, and keeps your child from feeling uncomfortable in a horrible wet diaper.
As we were just coming into Summer when my daughter was born, we have used this diaper a lot, and I have got to experience several bowel movements from her happening in the pool while using this diaper!!  And the great news is, that no nasties ever got out!!!
NB: Please note, that because the material allows water to travel through the fabric, pee will also travel through the fabric.  I usually just change my daughter into her swim diaper just before we get into the water, and have never had any issues with this!
How long will they last?
I have been using the Applecheeks Size 1 Swim Diaper now for about 5months, in chlorine and salt water pools, washing and drying regularly and it still looks great!  Rylee still has room to grow a little more in the Size 1, before she makes it into the Size 2! (Which we definitely will be buying!)  This diaper will last my daughter until she no longer fits it, and then will still be able to be used for the next baby in the family!
I will mention however, that I do wash this diaper with Rylee's clothes instead of with her other diapers.  I found that if I washed this diaper with any other diapers with aplix tabs, the aplix would attach to the Applecheeks swim diaper leaving minor pilling!  
Are they good value for money?
YES!!!  Spend the $20 and buy one or two for your kids!  They are a few dollars more than some of the other reusable swim diaper brands, but as the Applecheeks brand is adjustable the Size 1 fits approximately 7lbs - 20lbs and the Size 2 fits approximately 18lbs to 35+lbs, you will only need to buy a maximum of 2 diapers for your child before he or she is potty trained!  They come in 2 great colours, Bonfire (Red) and Corsica (Blue), and because they are soo cute and don't look like diapers, you don't even need to put a swim suit on top of them if you don't want to!
I know that I have already saved the purchase price, by not buying and using disposable swimmi's!  These are fabulous value for money!!!
I was a little dubious to try these at first, but as it was the only one that would fit my daughter, I went ahead and purchased one....and I think it is absolutely incredible!!  It looks great and is definitely the best Summer purchase that I have made!!!  I would recommend to any family with little swimmers in diapers!! (Even the non-cloth diaper families!)
Also check out my Applecheeks Pocket Diaper review coming soon!

I was not compensated in any way for this review.  All opinions are my own.


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The Applecheeks Swim Diapers are relatively easy to use! They do have snaps, so naturally scare my husband a little.


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